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USAF Major General Appointment List of 15 April 2009

The following brigadier generals have been nominated by the President to the Senate for appointment to the grade of major general, United States Air Force:


NAME                                                   CURRENT ASSIGNMENT



Andersen, Thomas K.



Director, Plans and Programs

Headquarters Air Combat Command

204 Dodd Boulevard, Suite 202

Langley AFB, VA 23665-2778



Angelella, Salvatore A.




Vice Commander, Fifth Air Force, and Deputy Commander, Thirteenth Air Force

Pacific Air Forces

Unit 5087

APO AP 96328-5087

Yokota AB, Japan



Biscone, Gregory A.



Deputy Director, Operations, J-3

Headquarters United States Central Command

7115 South Boundary Boulevard, Suite 108

MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5101



Busch, Andrew E.





Defense Supply Center Richmond

Defense Logistics Agency

8000 Jefferson Davis Highway

Richmond, VA 23297-5100



Byers, Timothy A.





Director, Installations and Mission Support

Headquarters Air Combat Command

129 Andrews Street, Suite 102

Langley AFB, VA 23665-1993


Desjardins, Susan Y.

(Sue/Peter Lennon)



Deputy Director, Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs

Headquarters Air Mobility Command

402 Scott Drive, Unit 3L3

Scott AFB, IL 62225-5307


Devereaux, Richard T.



Director, Intelligence and Air, Space and Information Operations

Headquarters Air Education and Training Command

1 F Street, Suite 2

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4325


Fedder, Judith A.

(Judy/Chuck Fix)


Director, Logistics

Headquarters Air Combat Command

130 Andrews Street, Suite 211

Langley AFB, VA 23665-2791


Fiel, Eric E.



Director, Center for Force Structure, Requirements, Resources and Strategic Assessments

Headquarters United States Special Operations Command

7701 Tampa Point Boulevard

MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5323


Franklin, Craig A.





31st Fighter Wing

United States Air Forces in Europe

Unit 6140, Box 100

APO AE 09604-0100

Aviano AB, Italy


Goldfein, David L.





Deputy Director, Programs

Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans and Programs

Headquarters United States Air Force

1070 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1070


Hansen, Blair E.



Director, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities

Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Headquarters United States Air Force

1700 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1700


Helms, Susan J.



Director, Plans and Policy, J-5

Headquarters United States Strategic Command

901 SAC Boulevard, Suite BA3

Offutt AFB, NE 68113-6500


Hertog, Mary K.

(Mary Kay/Herman)


Director, Security Forces

Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics, Installations and Mission Support

Headquarters United States Air Force

1340 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1340


Hesterman, John W. III



Deputy Director, Politico-Military Affairs (Europe), J-5

Joint Staff

5100 Joint Staff Pentagon

Washington, DC 20318-5100


Jones, Darrell D.




Director, Force Management Policy

Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower and Personnel Headquarters United States Air Force

1040 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1040


Jones, Noel T.




Deputy Chief, Central Security Service

National Security Agency

9800 Savage Road, Suite 6283

Ft George G. Meade, MD 20755-6283



Jouas, Jan Marc

(Jan Marc/Marion)




Director, Operations, Plans, Requirements and Programs

Headquarters Pacific Air Forces

25 E Street, Suite I232

Hickam AFB, HI 96853-5426


Kane, Robert C.




Commanding General, Coalition Air Force Transition Team

Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq

United States Central Command

Phoenix Base

APO AE 09348

Baghdad, Iraq


Kowalski, James M.



Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command (Provisional)

20 MacDill Boulevard, Suite 240

Bolling AFB, DC 20332


Kresge, Stanley T.



Director, Air, Space and Nuclear Operations

Headquarters Air Force Space Command

150 Vandenberg Street, Suite 1105

Peterson AFB, CO 80914-4170


Mashiko, Susan K.



Vice Commander, Space and Missile Systems Center

Air Force Space Command

483 North Aviation Boulevard

Los Angeles AFB, 90245-2808


Moeller, Michael R.




379th Air Expeditionary Wing

Air Combat Command

APO AE 09309

Al Udeid AB, Qatar


Moore, Clyde D. II





Director, Special Programs

Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

Office of the Secretary of Defense

3200 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-3200


Owens, Douglas H.



Vice Commander, 13th Air Force

Pacific Air Forces

650 Hangar Ave

Hickam AFB, HI 96853-5400


Poss, James O.



Director, Intelligence

Headquarters Air Combat Command

209 Thornell Ave

Langley AFB, VA 23665-2717


Ramsay, Mark F.



Director, Strategic Planning

Deputy Chief of Staff, Strategic Plans and Programs

Headquarters United States Air Force

1070 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1070


Rand, Robin



Principal Director to Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East Policy

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

2400 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-2400


Reynes, Joseph, Jr.



Director, Air Component Coordination Element

Multi-National Force – Iraq; Commander, Detachment 2, 9th Air Expeditionary Task Force

Air Combat Command

Unit 42021

APO AE 09342

Baghdad, Iraq


Vautrinot, Suzanne M.



Deputy Commander, Joint Functional Component Command – Network Warfare

United States Strategic Command

9800 Savage Road, Suite 6477

Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755


Wells, Lawrence L.



Director, Warfighter Systems Integration and Deployment

Office of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer

Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

1800 Air Force Pentagon

Washington, DC 20330-1800


Wolfenbarger, Janet C.



Director, Intelligence and Requirements

Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command

4375 Chidlaw Road, Room A114

Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-5006

James J Carey
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jim Carey

National Chairman

John A. Dubia
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
John A. Dubia

ARMY Board Member &
ARMY Vice Chairman

Gordon Nash
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Jack W. Klimp

Board Member: USMC

Steve Kunkle
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
James B. Godwin III

Board Member: NAVY

Robert Wray
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Robert Wray


Mark Beesley
Brigadier General [Ret.]
Mark Beesley

Board Member: USAF

Ted F. Bowlds
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Ted F. Bowlds


Norman Sauders
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Norm Saunders

Board Member: USCG

Jeff Hathaway
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jeff Hathaway


Edward Rodriguez
Major General [Ret.]
Donna Barbisch, USA

Board Member At Large

Kirk Foster
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Kirk Foster, JAGC, US NAVY

Corporate Secretary
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