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TFGON Job Opportunities & Resume Circulation:
How It Works!!

Job Opportunities -> How it Works

As TFGON's efforts have grown and expanded in our programs to promote 2nd Career [and 3rd & 4th Career] Flag & General Officer Employment, we've also had several questions as to "how it all works", so this narrative is meant to be a tutorial as to the who, what, when, where, why, and how as to these systemics, logistics, and operations. Feel free to share this with other flag and general officers that you know as our intent is to be of service to ALL of them. You are also welcome to share it with your employers human resources department and with any executive search firms that you have worked with or are linked into.

When TFGON was first formed over 18 years ago, one of our primary goals was to provide a system to enhance the ability of flag and general officers to position themselves to compete in an increasingly tough and highly competitive civilian job market---- one where, other than a few defense industry multinationals, there is NOT a good understanding as to the tremendous qualifications, experience, credentials, and senior executive level management success that ALL flag and general officers possess. All of you have successfully managed operations and organizations as "The CEO", ranging from 10,000 to over 100,000 employees and annual budgets in the hundreds of millions to tens of billions of dollars. And while there are a few executive search firms and corporate human resources departments that have their own relatively small contact lists of flag and general officers, almost all of them are short lists of personal or professional contacts that begin to age and become out of date from the first day they are compiled. And none of the military or veterans associations and organizations include the focus on flag and general officers and the combination of all five branches of the armed forces that we have at TFGON. Bottom line is that we are THE LARGEST group of retired admirals and generals [and yes, we also have several hundred active duty members] that exists anywhere in the USA. So with all that as "the basic facts", let us now walk you through how it all works:

WHO: Our approach is actually quite basic and logical. Given we are the largest single gathering of flag and general officers in the USA, we use that advantage and our commitment to help each other [Our Motto is Warriors Helping Warriors---- TFGON is an official War Veterans organization, designated such by the U.S. Government as 501.c.19] rather than depending upon help from outside groups that we do not know or who do not know us. As of November 2013, our membership is over 3500 admirals and generals, which is over half of all living flag and general officers in the USA. We circulate each resume broadcast throughout our entire membership so that ALL are aware of who is transitioning from active duty to civilian life and is seeking civilian employment, or who has already done so and now seeks to move on to a 3rd or 4th career path, etc. And with over 90% of our membership already fully integrated into the civilian corporate and organizations world, our members DO know where all the jobs are that fit the qualifications, experience, and credentials of flag and general officers.

WHAT: We subscribe to "keep it simple" in all things. Our approach is to use the wonders of digital communications [i.e. e-mail] to circulate the resume's of our members who request that we do so to our entire membership. So within a couple of hours, over 3500+ fellow flag and general officers are aware that this admiral/general is retiring or ready to move on to new opportunities and their resume is in the hands of several thousand former military colleagues who care about them and is forwarded to the human resources departments where they work or the executive search firms that they know seek flag/general officer job candidates. And on the reverse side of that equation, we circulate job opportunities for flag/general officer level jobs direct to our entire membership, which in several recent situations has resulted in ALL THE JOB FINALISTS having come from our TFGON member candidates.

WHEN: RE: resume circulation, when asked. And this is a unique blend of either active duty flag and general officers transitioning to civilian life after their military service, OR those who want to move on from their current job to something new or more challenging or in a different part of the USA or the world. With regard to job opportunities, we circulate them when we receive them, and they come from a broad base of the employment fabric. Some come from executive search firms, since many of those firms have learned that we are the single best one-stop-shopping source for them when they are looking for retired military flag and general officers. We get more than half of all our job opportunities from our Reserve & Guard TFGON Members, since they are all "dual employed" in both the military AND in the private sector, so they KNOW where the jobs are that fit the qualifications, experience, and credentials of retired admirals and generals. And we get a growing number of job opportunity positions from our TFGON Members that TFGON has helped place in their current employment----- they know our system worked for them and they now want to help make it work for others under our Warriors Helping Warriors approach.

WHERE: Anywhere in the USA and the world. Our TFGON membership is worldwide with many retired flag and general officers being in high demand by multinational corporations and organizations with international interests. Since our methodology is through e-mail, we easily reach our entire membership no matter where in the world they are located, and given that all our members have spent 30+ years serving in various nations throughout the world, their experience is valuable to employers with international and multinational interests.

WHY: We choose to be Warriors Helping Warriors because we believe in self-reliance and in helping each other. Most of our members have spent their entire adult lives in military service and as a result do not have the advantage of their civilian counterparts who may have lived in the same community for 10-20 years or who may have spent most of their lives in one particular industry or career field. So our best and most effective methodology is to help each other, and through our ability to almost instantly reach over half of all living flag and general officers, we have learned that our network is tremendously valuable and our approach is THE BEST WAY to "get the word out" as to who in the flag and general officer community is in the job market and what qualifications, experience, and credentials they have to offer.

HOW: Best answer is "all of the above". Our process is closely controlled by TFGON, so if you want your resume circulated, forward it to and request that circulation. Or when you become aware of a job opportunity that seeks flag and general officer candidates, forward it to that same e-mail address. And please be aware that job opportunities are SUPER IMPORTANT to your fellow flag and general officers, so it's important that you DO take the few minutes it takes to forward them to TFGON HQ so they can be shared with all our members. You will be doing your fellow flag and general officers a HUGE FAVOR by so doing, and you will also be doing a great service to the employer seeking to fill that position, as we can guarantee that circulation of their job opportunity by TFGON WILL tremendously enhance the quality and number of highly qualified applicants they will have for the job.

So now you know how it all works. And it's now clear that it is YOU who makes it work. YOU are our source of flag/general officer level job opportunities. YOU are our best way to get the word out to flag and general officers that are not TFGON members that all these services are available to them AT NO COST TO THEM, and joining TFGON is as simple as sending us an e-mail requesting membership. We ARE "Warriors Helping Warriors" and YOU, our members, are the key to all that we do.

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James J Carey
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jim Carey

National Chairman

John A. Dubia
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
John A. Dubia

ARMY Board Member &
ARMY Vice Chairman

Gordon Nash
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Jack W. Klimp

Board Member: USMC

Steve Kunkle
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
James B. Godwin III

Board Member: NAVY

Robert Wray
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Robert Wray


Mark Beesley
Brigadier General [Ret.]
Mark Beesley

Board Member: USAF

Ted F. Bowlds
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Ted F. Bowlds


Norman Sauders
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Norm Saunders

Board Member: USCG

Jeff Hathaway
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jeff Hathaway


Edward Rodriguez
Major General [Ret.]
Donna Barbisch, USA

Board Member At Large

Kirk Foster
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Kirk Foster, JAGC, US NAVY

Corporate Secretary

Greg Feest
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Donald P. Loren, USN

Treasurer & Board Member

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