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July 29, 2012: Special Newsletter Edition Regarding Admiral McGrail Scholars

Fellow Flag & General Officers:
Last Friday's TFGON Quarterly Networking Reception was an historic event in the history of our organization, as we presented the 1st Admiral McGrail Scholars Class to our fellow flag and general officers present at our reception on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The Scholars were introduced to our membership, 42 admirals and generals, and as one of them, a "2 tours in Iraq" USMC Sergeant, said to me later "I never imagined I'd ever be recognized with honors in a room where I was with 42 admirals and generals and I was the one being honored---- incredible!!". But rather than try to tell you about it, with a picture being worth a thousand words, just click on the following URL and that will take you to the photos of the event--- just click on the 27 July event photos once you get there, and while it probably goes without saying, the Admiral McGrail Scholars are the one's that look way too young to be a flag or general officer:
There's also a link on the photo page that will take you to our website page with details on the Admiral McGrail Scholars Program, including the criteria for the program, their photo and bio, and also a photo of Admiral McGrail and his Navy Bio.
Our Admiral McGrail Scholars Program is now "off and running" and we can all be exceptionally proud of our first class.
With all good wishes,
Jim Carey


James J Carey
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jim Carey

National Chairman

John A. Dubia
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
John A. Dubia

ARMY Board Member &
ARMY Vice Chairman

Gordon Nash
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Jack W. Klimp

Board Member: USMC

Steve Kunkle
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
James B. Godwin III

Board Member: NAVY

Robert Wray
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Robert Wray


Mark Beesley
Brigadier General [Ret.]
Mark Beesley

Board Member: USAF

Ted F. Bowlds
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Ted F. Bowlds


Norman Sauders
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Norm Saunders

Board Member: USCG

Jeff Hathaway
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jeff Hathaway


Edward Rodriguez
Major General [Ret.]
Donna Barbisch, USA

Board Member At Large

Kirk Foster
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Kirk Foster, JAGC, US NAVY

Corporate Secretary
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