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Help Secure The Future of the FLAG & GENERAL OFFICERS' NETWORK!!!!!

Suggested Language for Making a Bequest to TFGON in your Will!!!

You may include a bequest to support TFGON when preparing your will or by adding a codicil to your present will. The process is quite simple and easy to accomplish. Bequests may be cash, securities, real estate or other property. Bequests of all sizes are welcome, whether they are outright, contingent, or residual, as they will ensure that support for your fellow Flag and General Officers and TFGON will continue in perpetuity.

If you are considering designating how your bequest will be used by TFGON or establishing an endowed fund through your estate plans, please contact TFGON [or have your professional advisor contact us] at

Note: This information is not intended to be legal or tax advice. We recommend that you consult with a qualified estate planning attorney when drafting your will.

Your bequest should be directed to The Flag & General Officers' Network, Inc. TFGON is an IRS authorized tax deductible 501.c.19 official War Veterans organization. The following language may be useful to your attorney:

Specific Bequest:
"I give The Flag & General Officers' Network, Inc., Alexandria, VA 22310, the sum of $_____ to be used for the general support of TFGON, Inc."

Residual Bequest:
"I give The Flag & General Officers' Network, Inc., Alexandria, VA 22310, ___ percent of the residue of my estate to be used for the general support of TFGON, Inc."

Contingent Bequest:
"In the event that _______ predeceases me, I give The Flag & General Officers' Network, Alexandria, VA 22310, the sum of $______ [or, alternatively, _____ percent of the residue of my estate] to be used for the general support of TFGON, Inc."

James J Carey
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jim Carey

National Chairman

John A. Dubia
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
John A. Dubia

ARMY Board Member &
ARMY Vice Chairman

Gordon Nash
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Jack W. Klimp

Board Member: USMC

Steve Kunkle
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
James B. Godwin III

Board Member: NAVY

Robert Wray
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Robert Wray


Mark Beesley
Brigadier General [Ret.]
Mark Beesley

Board Member: USAF

Ted F. Bowlds
Lieutenant General [Ret.]
Ted F. Bowlds


Norman Sauders
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Norm Saunders

Board Member: USCG

Jeff Hathaway
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Jeff Hathaway


Edward Rodriguez
Major General [Ret.]
Donna Barbisch, USA

Board Member At Large

Kirk Foster
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Kirk Foster, JAGC, US NAVY

Corporate Secretary

Greg Feest
Rear Admiral [Ret.]
Donald P. Loren, USN

Treasurer & Board Member

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